Resignations/Retirements - Staff

*  If you are planning to resign or retire, you are required to notify your Principal AND the Human Resources Department in writing.  
*  It is the discretion of the administration to determine your last day of work.

Your final pay check will be made in the form of a check.  

                       All banking information will be removed from the payroll system.
*  Prior to you last day, you will need to schedule an Exit Interview with your Supervisor or Principal.   At that time, the following must happen… 

  • You will be required to return all district issued equipment (including chargers and accessories).
  • Your supervisor will need to notify HR that all equipment has been returned.
  • HR will notify the Payroll Department that your final pay check can be released.

In the event all equipment is not returned, your final pay check will be held pending notification from HR that the equipment has been returned.

 In the event of retirement…your final pay AND subsequent sick pay will be made in the form of checks.  If you change your address prior to your sick pay being paid, you will need to notify HR of the address change.