Attendance Information

Employee Attendance Information

If you need to report an absence, please call Insight Workforce @ 856.406.6015 or

 call your direct Aesop contact in your building.

Please refer to your contract book for your annual allowance
of sick, vacation and/or personal days.

  •  ​Sick Days - Any employee who is out sick for 4 or  more consecutive days, must send in a doctor's note to Human  Resources on the following day. 
  • Illness in Family - 3 days may be used for family illness in one year ( full-time employees only)


  • Personal Days - 2 personal days may be used in one year ( full-time employees only) 


  • Jury Duty - send in jury duty notices to Human Resources promptly after serving.


  • Death in Immediate Family - Full Time Employees are granted 2 days for immediate family: grandparent, parent, brother, sister, husband, wife, child, in-laws or other relatives that live with you.


  • Any employee who needs to take a leave of absence should call or email HR for more information. A leave of absence is anything longer than 10 days and should be reported 30 days prior.



All employees can check their attendance 24 hours a day on our Employee Portal System. 

Karen McCafferty
Executive Assistant - Human Resources
Phone: 856-327-7590
Fax: 856-825-1545