• Grade 6 Curriculum Guide




    Using an interdisciplinary approach, students will explore all aspects of life in the Middle Ages.  While exploring the social/historical developments occurring during this time period through the lives of nobles and peasant, students will be able to understand the preceding forces that would become the stepping stones to the world as we know it today.




    1. To provide the student with an introduction to the historic period of the Middle Ages.
    2. To expand the student’s knowledge regarding literature, music, and life in the Middle Ages.
    3. To develop an awareness regarding the importance of the Middle Ages and its significance in relation to our society.
    4. To introduce the student to important individuals and their contributions throughout the Middle Ages.
    5. To introduce the student to the “Code of Chivalry” and its impact upon medieval society.
    6. To expand the student’s vocabulary and knowledge of this specific historic period
    7. To challenge the student’s interest and curiosity.
    8. 8. To reinforce and challenge the student’s research and technology skills.