• GRADES 9-12 Overview

     The Millville Public Schools Gifted and Talented Program at Memorial and Senior High Schools, grades 9-12, provides a varied program to meet the needs of the “whole” student.  The focus is interdisciplinary and designed to meet each student’s specific interests, while providing creative, intellectual, academic and career needs for future success.  Student involvement is encouraged, but not mandatory.  Activities are non-graded.

     Student/teacher conferences are held throughout the school year to identify and discuss student needs.  Through the completion of a student interest survey, programs can be arranged to meet the specific needs and interests of each student.

     Students may choose to participate in a variety of interest workshops, activities, or mentorship experiences such as those listed below:


    •  ·        Academic Team -  provides an arena for students to demonstrate their knowledge on a wide variety of subjects including current events.  The program helps to develop leadership skills, strategic thinking skills, team work, listening skills, and overall self confidence.
    •  ·        Model Congress – encourages leadership and debate skills, reinforces writing and research skills and exploration of our country’s legislative system.
    •  ·        Performance Plus – creative workshop experience for students excelling in the fine arts (dance, visual arts, music drama and creative writing).
    •  ·        Art Workshops – offers both “hands on experiences” at art studios and visits to nearby galleries to enhance the students visual arts experience and their exposure to the cultural significance of arts as well as techniques and mediums for application to student projects.
    •  ·        Mock Trial – students gain a basic knowledge of the legal mechanism through which society chooses to resolve many of its disputes.  While learning the details of the trial process, students develop critical analysis of problems, strategic thinking, questioning skills, listening skills, skills in oral presentation and extemporaneous argument and skills in preparing and organizing material.
    •  ·        New Jersey Envirothon - a hands-on environmental education program that seeks to empower its participants through training, direct experience, team work and competition with motivation, knowledge and skills to actively take part in  natural resource management decisions and problem-solving.  Preparation for the Envirothon is designed to introduce students to a wide variety of professionals working in environmentally-related fields, give a background in natural resources and the varied options that go into decision-making, and allowing students practice in working with information and differing viewpoints to reach a decision through consensus and teamwork.
    •  ·        Congressional Award -  recognizes individual student achievement, initiative and excellence through goal completion in the areas of voluntary public service, personal development, physical fitness and expedition activities. 
    • Carreer Exploration – students learn more about themselves and the world of work, identify and explore potentially satisfying occupations and develop an effective strategy to realize their goals.  During “Career Week”, a wide variety of professional are invited to visit the school to share first hand experiences about their professions.  Through extended workshops and mentorships with a chosen professional in a specific career, the student can ask questions relevant to his/her area of interest, and observe the professional within the career environment.  Mentorships may include opportunities to do independent study as well as meeting with professionals in the community to discuss career interests and prerequisites for career preparation.  They are further afforded opportunities to have “hands-on” exposure to the occupations themselves.
    •  ·        College Exploration – students are provided with help finding education resources, such as applying to colleges and universities, community colleges and junior colleges, contacting military recruiters, obtaining information about scholarships and financial aid, and other issues related to post graduate education.  A wide variety of college admissions counselors are invited to speak with students about their application process and preparing for college through their high school academics.
    •           STUDENT OBJECTIVES – GRADE 9-12
    • ·        The student will demonstrate ability to work independently and with a group in cooperative learning situations
    • ·        Expand research, writing, and oral presentation skills
    • ·        Express creativity through individual and group projects
    • ·        Experience the challenges and personal rewards of volunteerism through community/voluntary public service
    • ·        Develop positive self esteem
    • ·        Develop career-education awareness through mentorships with community resource personnel and prerequisites for specific career areas
    • ·        Develop a sense of responsibility toward one’s self and one’s community
    • ·        Develop a sense of responsibility toward the environment
    • ·        Develop and expand organizational skills
    • ·        Develop and expand critical thinking and listening skills
    • ·        Develop cultural awareness
    • ·        Develop leadership skills
    • ·        Gain career and workplace readiness skills for future success
    • ·        Demonstrate through practical application, technology skills necessary to compete in a global society