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Flyer Distribution Request

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MPS Public Information Office 

To request approval for flyer distribution to our district families, please complete the form below.

Important information:

  • Flyers are distributed digitally via district email broadcasts to families on a monthly basis
  • Flyers may also be distributed digitally in schools using the Google Classroom platform
  • Flyers are also posted on our Community Flyers webpage
  • Paper copies of flyers will not be printed by the district or schools
    • Paper copies must be provided by the organization requesting distribution
    • Copies are to be delivered directly to schools or to the Public Information Office at the Culver Center
    • Please indicate on this form if you require enrollment numbers for printing copies
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I will need enrollment numbers for the schools indicated above for the purpose of printing copies:*
These numbers will be emailed to you at the email address you listed above.
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Thank you for completing this form. If you have requested enrollment numbers, you will receive an email with the information shortly.