Program Expectations

We all understand that the cooperation of the program staff, parents, and students determines the program's outcome. Family Friendly Centers have been a comfortable place for both children and staff. We gratefully acknowledge the input we have received from families and staff to successfully reach the children and families we serve. We have all learned together what we need to expect from families, staff and children to continue a program that meets all of our expectations.

To maintain a positive experience for all involved, your cooperation in the following is sincerely appreciated.

AM —Children must be escorted to the door. A staff member will take the child inside and sign them in daily (mornings only). Any notices will be posted on the front door concerning information about the SACC program.

PM - Parents will call a designated phone number for each site upon arrival when they arrive to pickup their student. The student will be brought to the front door by a staff member. Parents must show ID to the staff member before the child will be released. This must be a person on the pickup list. We will not release your child unless an adult on the list comes to pick up the student. No parents/guardians will be allowed to enter the building due to COVID 19 restrictions.

· Tuition payments need to be made in a timely manner. SACC tuition is due on or before the first of each month (prior to attendance). Please contact Joyce Wozunk at 327-7584 if you need to make different arrangements. Parents/Guardians will be issued invoices to facilitate the payment of tuition.

· Parent/guardians must provide SACC with (2) emergency phone numbers. Any changes during the year must be reported immediately to the SACC office.

· If these program expectations are not met as well as many other parental/guardian obligations in this handbook, the Program Coordinator may terminate your child's participation in the program.

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