• The Millville Senior High School Science Department offers a wide variety of classes that fulfill graduation requirements and allow students to explore areas of interest. There are a variety of AP Level and Dual Credit opportunities available to students.


    FacultyCourses Offered

    Department Chairman:                                 

    Pete Romanik



    Stacy Descalzi

    Lois Smaniotto

    Frank Ferzetti

    Michelle Horin

    Tim Jacobsen

    Michael LaTorre

    Elsann Machotka

    Victor Nappen

    Patricia Schneider

    Anatomy & Physiology 1

    Anatomy & Physiology 2


    Biology 2

    AP Biology


    Advanced Chemistry

    AP Chemistry

    Environmental Science 1 

    Environmental Science 2

    Forensic Science 


    Advanced Physics

    AP Physics -Mechanics

    AP Physics - Electricity & Magnetism

    Principles of Nutrition

    Medical Terminology

    Elements of Health Care