•  These words all make us think of history.  What words do you associate with history?

    Students are required to pass World History, US History 1, and US History 2 in order to graduate. Our Social Studies Department offers classes at Advanced and College Prep levels. We also have some unique elective and AP Level classes to help students explore a variety of topics.


    Department Chair:      Jessica Kauffman


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                                                              Courses Offered

                                 US History 1 College Prep                 US History 1 Advanced

                                 US History 2 College Prep                 US History 2 Advanced         

                                 World History College Prep              US History 2 AP (beginning fall 2017)

                                 Psychology/Sociology                        AP Psychology

                                 AP Macroeconomics                           AP US History 

                                 Diversity and Tolerance                     AP World History

                                 ASVAB Prep                                         State and Local Government