• Millville Memorial High School

    Attendance Procedure Highlights


    Parents/Guardians are required to report a student’s absence daily by calling



    5 Unexcused Absences per Semester-10th Grade 10 Unexcused Absences per Semester- 9th Grade

    Late to School

    Discipline every 5 Lates (30 Lates=Restriction for the year)

    School Counts

    9 Total infractions both unexcused and excused lates and absences for the year

    Perfect Attendance

    No absences, lates or early dismissals both excused or unexcused for the year


    1. Absences will not be excused until appropriate written documentation is provided by licensed physician or legal agency within 5 school days after returning to school.

    2. 10th grade students
    3. 9th grade students
    4. In order to be removed from the Restricted List, students must attend Credit Completion make-up sessions for each unexcused day which exceeds the limit of:

    10th Grade-5 unexcused absences per semester

    9th Grade-10 unexcused absences per year

    1. Students who fail to attend the make-up sessions will remain on “non-credit” status

    And will receive no credit for the semester, regardless of the grades earned. This could effect graduation, co-curricular and sports eligibility. Students may also be referred to Municipal Court or dropped from roll.

    7. Students will only receive perfect attendance if they have no lates, absences, or

    Early dismissals both excused and unexcused.

    Early Dismissals

    Early dismissal requests should be made in writing at the start of the day or any days prior to the release and can be requested by anyone on the students contact list.

    Lateness to School

    Pupils who arrive after 9:09 am or leave before 12:47 pm (even if dismissed from the nurse’s office) will be counted as absent for the day, in compliance with the 4 hour instructional day requirement. This time only applies for students who have not missed any other instructional time due to lateness or cutting class.

    Sign and Return to your Homeroom Teacher

    I have read and discussed the above attendance and lateness procedures with my child.