• History of Memorial Organized classes began in 1877 and were held in a building occupying the site of the present Culver School (Third and Sassafras Streets). The first building to be referred to generally as “Millville High School” was erected in 1895 on Second Street (north of Sassafras Street). The cornerstone for this building was laid on November 30, 1895. The building was then known as the “Sensor School.”

    By 1920, the school’s enrollment exceeded the capacity of the building on Second Street so the Board of Education secured two World War 1 pre-fabricated buildings and erected them in the area between Second and third Streets (north of Sassafras Street). They also leased space in the Baptist Church (Second and Sassafras Streets).

    In 1925, a new building, “Memorial High School,” was completed at Fifth and Broad Streets and was opened for classes in September of that year. In the early days, courses were designed for one of two fields: (1) preparation for college and (2) preparation for office work. More that 50% of the students took college preparatory courses. The opening of the new school in September 1925, made it possible to expand and enlarge the program of instruction. For the first time, the school had such things under its roof as an auditorium, gymnasium, cafeteria, library (room-size), mechanical drawing room, and combined metal-wood shop. The office of the city’s superintendent of schools occupied the present principal’s office and the principal’s office occupied the space now devoted to the medical room.

    In 1934, increased enrollment made it necessary to again resort to the temporary building which was moved from the rear of the Sensor School to the rear of the new building (Fifth and Broad). Until 1937, there were two separate terms of school. One ended in February, the other completed in June.

    In 1941, a new addition to Memorial High School was built and completed. It included rooms numbering 113, 115, 117, 119, 215, 219, and a new cafeteria. The space of the old cafeteria was converted into what is now the metal and wood shop.

    In 1958, the music building was added. In 1959, the old gymnasium was converted into a cafeteria and the last of the World War 1 temporary buildings was moved to Bacon School. A new gymnasium was constructed and a new extension, containing 16 classrooms was added to the west corridor (parallel to Fifth Street).

    In September 1964, the building on Fifth and Broad Streets was occupied by Memorial Junior High School, and the Senior High School was established in the present structure (corner of Wade Boulevard and Pine Street). Today, Memorial High School houses all of Millville’s 9th graders and a portion of the 10th grade, an enrollment figure of approximately 850 students. A new science wing (four classrooms) was added for the 1995-96 school year at Memorial High School. The Senior High School contains some 10th and all 11th and 12th grade students from Millville and our sending districts, enrolling approximately 1,400 students. The total high school enrollment (9th through 12th grade) approaches 2200 students.