• At R.D. Wood School we are committed to preparing our students both academically and socially to be successful.  We work with parents, community leaders, teachers and students to do well in school.  We have worked diligently over the last year improving technology and have access to the latest computer programs, IPODS, computer labs and technology initiatives what will help our students excel. 


    We have a number of programs including, Headsprout, Fundations, Read Naturally, 21st Century Afterschool Program, and afterschool tutoring that are offered to help our students in the classroom and give them a safe place afterschool to learn. 


    Our collaboration with Temple University and the implementation of their PBIS (Positive Behavior In School Support System) in our school has helped to identify students that need help academically.  The program also helps create a positive learning environment where students learn what is expected of them in the classroom and throughout the school building. 


    The teachers and staff at R.D. Wood School are committed to being successful in the classroom and spend numerous hours attending district and national professional development.  All teachers have high expectations of the students and expect them to be successful in their classroom.  As a school, we recognize that each student must have a solid foundation for learning.  We utilize a number of research based interventions that help our students to be successful.  Instructional aides Kindergarten through Second grade also assist our teaching staff in instruction. 


    R.D. Wood School, named after Richard Wood, one of Millville’s entrepreneurs, was constructed on land donated by the Millville Manufacturing Company in 1916 to provide an elementary education to the children in Millville’s Third Ward.  It has a proud heritage of educational excellence and is Millville’s oldest operating school.  Today, Wood School is pursuing their education in grades Kindergarten to Fifth grade. 


    R.D. Wood School has always been a viable member of the community and we have increased our involvement with community organizations.  These organizations have helped our students and their parents by donating a pair of shoes for every student, over 500 turkeys for Thanksgiving, hundreds of coats and gloves, and their time to help the students of Wood School.  We believe as educators that we must not only help students in school but also help them with their needs at home. 


    Our staff of dedicated teachers and support personnel work hard everyday to ensure the success of our students. 


    RD Wood School is committed to the academic excellence and social awareness of our students. 


    At Wood School we believe that “Education is the Key to a Successful Life".