• Questions to Ask During Read  

    · Factual questions—ask for details about the text: “When does this story take place?” or “What kind of bird is this”

    · Inferential questions– encourage children to read between the lines of the text: “Why do hockey players wear skates?”

    · Opinion questions—invite children to tell you what they think: “What do you think about that?” or “What did you think of the book?”

    · Text to self questions– bridge the text to the child’s own experience: “How did you feel when that happened to you?”

    · Text to text questions bridge the text to another text the child has read: “Is this like another book we’ve read?”

    · Prediction questions ask children to tell you what might happen next: “What do you think the bird is going to do with the twig?” or “What do you think the author will teach us about next?”

    · Authorship questions ask children to think like the author: “What would you have David do if you wrote the story?”

    · Vocabulary questions ask children what they know about a word: “What do you think the word glare means”