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Child Study Team

Department of Exceptional Children & Student Services Directory 2022-2023
Matusz Steve Director of Exceptional Children 6015
Ziller Megan PreK-5 Supervisor of Exceptional Children 6035
Kauffman Jessica 6-12 Supervisor of Exceptional Children 2071
    Learning Consultants  
Calloway Terri Secondary Testing Team 6017
Chong Janine CFC 2056
Tasoff Nicola ElementaryTesting Team 6034
Board Certified Behavior Analyst
Elbertson Lauren Culver 6023
Arsenault Peter High school - 11th grade ILEAD 2283
Baralas Katie High school - 10th grade PACE 6193
Bertonazzi Dan Elementary Testing Team 6021
Depalma Karly Lakeside - 7th grade RISE 6104
Pacitto Gena Silver Run 6031
Roman Mark Secondary Testing Team 2768
Walker Phenice Holly Heights 6099
    Social Workers  
Almodovar Michael Mt. Pleasant, Bacon 6018
Norbury Lauren Elementary Testing Team 6110
Carpenter Diane Secondary Testing Team 6186
DeJesus Ilia Lakeside - 8th grade - FLI 6108
Gonzalez Migna High school - 9th grade PACE 6013
Kruger Christa Out of district schools 2285
Muller Audrey Lakeside - 6th grade SHINE 2066
Pilla Kelly Rieck Avenue 6036
Zeck Emily High school - 12th grade HONOR 6011
    Counseling Social Workers  
DeForest Beth Elementary, Lakeside 7585
Eppright Jackie Lakeside, Thunderbolt 3368
Santiago Chelsea High school 1712
Anderson Ashley Holly Heights 4288
Anglani Giana Rieck Avenue / Silver Run  
Fawley Megan CFC 1584
Ferrucci Maureen Silver Run 4087
Flynn Melissa Lakeside, High school 3327
Hayes Debra Mt. Pleasant, Bacon 3880
McAvoy Kelley Rieck Avenue 4102
Robbins Courtney CFC 4180
    Gifted & Talented  
Blithe Colleen Rieck, Silver, Bacon 5718
Davis Kelly Holly, Mt. Pleasant 6039
Gaudio Lisa Lakeside 4459
    Occupational & Physical Therapists  
Alvarado-Cardona Yansi Occupational Therapist 2053
Barber Amy Occupational Therapist 4013
Gaudio Johanna Occupational Therapist  
Reis Kim Physical Therapist 6014
Schreiner Amanda Finance/Purchasing, OOD transportation 6044
Sherman Mebane Assistant to Exceptional Children Director & Supervisors 6188
Bassetti Shelby CST Meeting Notices 6012
Stephanie Padilla   Home Instruction Coordinator, SEMI 6024
    Crisis Coordinator  
Corona Elisabeth District 6022
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