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GCN Training

GCN Training
All employees are required to complete state-required training modules each school year.
Please click the button below to access the GCN Training Website:
📋 2022-2023 GCN Training List (Click below to view)
📋 GCN User Instructions (Click below to view)
As you complete each module:
  • Print out the certificate for your records
  • Administration/Teachers - Use with your professional development hours
  • Support Staff - Turn in with your signed evaluation
If you need assistance with your login or password:
Ms. Maria Roman
✉ [email protected]
☎ 856-327-6055
 Mrs. Jennifer Seitz
✉ [email protected]
☎ 856-327-6030
If you have questions about the GCN modules:
Human Resources Specialist
 Mrs. Karen McCafferty
☎ 856-327-7590