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Continuing Education

Executive Assistant
Course Approval/Reimbursements
Ms. Jamie Corson
☎ 856-293-2187

Course Approval / Reimbursements

Millville Public Schools will reimburse for 6 credits per year (September through August).
All paperwork must be submitted by August 31st.
👉 Important: Please refer to your contract regarding maximum amount per credit reimbursed and tuition payback if you exit your employment with Millville Public Schools.

Steps for Approval & Reimbursement

STEP 1: In order to be reimbursed for a course, the Course Approval Request Form (see below) must be submitted PRIOR to taking the course. Once approved, you will receive an email confirmation.
STEP 2: Once your course is complete, please submit the following to Human Resources:
  • Copy of an itemized bill/statement from your college/university
  • Transcript with your grade
  • Signed Course Voucher (see below)

STEP 3: If everything is correct, your reimbursement will be processed and Human Resources will send it for payment. You will receive your reimbursement check in 3-4 weeks.


Human Resources Specialist
Credit Adjustments
 Mrs. Karen McCafferty
☎ 856-327-7590
📠 856-825-1545

Credit Adjustment / Salary Increase

Approved credit increases will be applied from July 1st to September 30th only.
If submitted after that time, it will be applied the following July 1st.
To request a credit adjustment/salary increase due to credits earned, please complete and submit the following:
  • A completed Credit Adjustment/Salary Increase Request Form (see below)
  • Your unofficial transcript
  • If you received a degree, please submit your certificate