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Employee Exit

Employee Exit Process
If you are planning to retire or resign from Millville Public Schools:
  1. You must notify your Principal/Supervisor and the Human Resources Department in writing
  2. Check the MPS Board policy and/or your contract to determine how many days notice you must give
  3. If you would like to exit early, it is the discretion of administration to determine your last day
  4. Your final pay check will be made in the form of a check and will be released once you complete your building exit
Prior to your final day, you must schedule an Exit Interview with your Principal or Supervisor.
At that time, the following must happen:
  1. You must provide a personal email address to Human Resources for communication purposes
  2. You must return all district issued IT equipment to your Principal or Supervisor, including your computer and computer accessories
  3. Your Principal or Supervisor must notify HR that all equipment has been returned
  4. Human Resources will instruct the Payroll Department to release your final paycheck
In the event that all equipment is not returned, your final paycheck will be held pending notification to Human Resources that it has been returned.
If you are retiring:
  • You may be entitled to Vacation or Sick Day severance. This will be made in the form of a direct deposit.
  • If you make any changes to your bank account, please contact Leslie Morello in the Payroll Office to update your banking information: ☎ 856-327-6009