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Welcome to Our Team!

130 Years of Education
We are excited to welcome you to our Millville Public Schools family! Our district has a rich history in the City of Millville, serving thousands of students and nearly 130 graduating classes. We operate 5 elementary schools with strong ties to their local communities, Lakeside Middle School, Millville High School, and the Thunderbolt Academy.
Whether you are serving our students directly in one of our schools or moving the district forward in one of our support locations, you are integral part of our team. Our district administration and central office staff are available to support you as you begin your journey with the district. Please take advantage of the resources on this website, in your welcome packet, and in your building. If you have any questions, we are here to answer them!
Millville Thunderbolts
P-47N Thunderbolt plane
The P-47N Thunderbolt
We are proud to bear the name of Thunderbolt as a celebration of our city history: in 1943 the Millville City Airport was designated an Air Force training facility for P-47 Thunderbolt fighter pilots who went on to serve overseas in World War II. Our Millville High School Athletics mascot, Maverick T. Bolt, pays homage to those brave fighter pilots that trained in Millville to serve our country.