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New Student Registration


Welcome to our district!
Please follow the steps below to register new students with Millville Public Schools.
This process must be completed online using a desktop or laptop computer.
Need help? Have questions?
Please reach out to the Registration Department at the Culver Center:
📍 110 N. 3rd St, Millville, NJ 08332 (Click for directions)
[email protected]
☎ 856-327-6166
📠 856-440-1096
If you would like to visit the office in person, you must make an appointment by calling the phone number or contacting the email address above.

If you do not have a desktop or laptop computer available, computer kiosks and assistance are
available at:
  • The Registration Office - Culver Center (110 N. 3rd St.)
  • The Child Family Center (1100 Coombs Rd.)



Before You Begin

  • Registration of new students must be completed using the online form
  • Online registration cannot be completed on a phone or tablet and must be done on a laptop, desktop, or one of the MPS computer kiosks
  • You must have an email address (Need to create one? Click HERE.)
  • Collect your documentation before beginning the application:
    • Parent/Guardian ID
    • Birth Certificate
    • Transfer card or withdrawal form from previous school
    • Immunization record
    • Universal Health Record
    • Proof of physical
      • If the student is coming from a different state, please let us know
    • Proof of Residency
      • Deed/Lease or utility bill within the last 30 days (cable, gas, electric or property tax bill)
      • If you are residing with someone, we will need a Certificate of Residency to be completed by that person (we can provide the form), that person’s ID and Deed/Lease or utility bill within the last 30 days 
    • High School transcript and/or current report cards
    • Individual Education Plan (IEP)
    • 504 Plan
    • Custody/ Guardianship papers
    • Court documents or State Agency placement
  • Scan and save all required documents to a folder location on your computer.
    • If you do not have a scanner available, the easiest way to digitize documents is to take a picture with a smartphone or tablet and email them to yourself.
    • If you have any issue uploading any documents or need assistance, please call the Registration Department at 856-327-6166. You can bring your original documents to the Registration Office at the Culver Center and we will make copies for our files.

📃 Additional Documents

  • Preschool Health Forms (Complete within 30 days)
  • All grades informational packet
  • Transitional Housing packet

Complete the Online Application


Once you are ready to begin, access the Online Registration Portal:


🔗 MPS Online Registration (Click Here)




Basic Instructions

  • Make sure you enable pop-up windows in your web browser
  • Fill in the necessary information and click Begin Registration at the bottom.
  • You will receive an email that will contain the link to complete the process
    • If your address does not show up to choose, please call 856-327-6166 to have it added before you proceed
    • Throughout the process you will be asked to upload documents. Please do not skip this step as this will delay getting your student registered.
  • After entering the new student information, you may then add additional students.
  • After all students are entered, please click Save and Continue.
  • At this time, you may make changes OR click Submit to finalize. A pop-up window will confirm your submission.
  • You will receive an email confirmation with an application number for your reference.

After You Sumbit

  • If there is anything missing from the registration, we will contact you via email.
  • Once the registration is complete, someone from your student’s school will contact you with your next step.

Your students are not considered fully registered to attend school until the registration is complete, including the correct documents uploaded.