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ESS Regional Manager
Takenya Woodards
☎ 609-922-9045
                                    (Part-time Flexible Hours)                            (Full-time and Long-term positions)
If you’re interested in meaningful work in education, please consider becoming a substitute through our partner company, ESS!  Come be a part of our Millville Public School Family!
Whether you’re a recent college graduate hoping to work your way into a full-time teaching position, a retired teacher who wants to get back into the classroom, or someone looking to make a positive contribution to the development of children, ESS has a place for you. You can create your own schedule while enjoying comprehensive training, healthcare benefits, bonus opportunities and more.
Available Substitute Positions
Teachers/Certified Teachers
Security Aides
Substitute Rates
Substitute Position Daily Pay Rate (as of 1/1/22) Hourly Rate
Substitute Teacher, Sub Cert
- Full Day
Substitute Teacher, Sub Cert
- Half Day
Substitute Teacher, Teacher Cert - Full Day
Substitute Teacher, Teacher Cert - Half Day
Building Base Substitute $175.00  
Long Term Teacher - Full Day $200.00  
Long Term Teacher - Half Day $100.00  
Paraprofessional - Full Day $105.00  
Paraprofessional - Half Day $52.50  
Long Term Paraprofessional
- Full Day
Long Term Paraprofessional
- Half Day
Substitute Principal $185.00  
Substitute Secretaries $105.00  
Long Term Substitute Secretaries $115.00  
Substitute Nurse $200.00  
Long Term Substitute Nurse $220.00  
Substitute Custodians / Maintenance   $15.00
Substitute Security $117.00  
Long Term Substitute Security $125.00  
Substitute Social Worker $217.00