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Student Technology Information
👤 Accounts
**2023-2024 student account information will be distributed on the first day of school (September 6th). If you need assistance with your current account, please email [email protected].**
All students are assigned the following accounts:
  • Computer login
  • Google Apps (includes Gmail email address)
  • Student Portal (Campus Student) - Linked to your computer login
Students may be given other accounts for specific learning resources by their teacher. Please refer to your student's teacher for more information about other accounts they may utilize.
Students with parent permission may install the Campus Student app (Apple | Android) to track their assignments, grades, and schedules.
💻 Devices
Students will be assigned devices for classroom use or on a one-to-one basis with the ability to take their devices home. Device assignments will vary by student grade level.
Damages and Fees
There will be no device insurance plans for the 2022-2023 school year. Damage fees for devices will be assessed as follows:
  • Chromebooks: $25 damage fee per incident
  • Laptops: $50 damage fee per incident
  • Lost devices or chargers: Cost of replacing the device (varies)
Any fee assigned to a student for a damaged or lost device will be assigned in the Parent Portal under the Fees tab and may be paid by cash or credit card. Cash payments must be made in person at the student's school.
🤝 Support
If your student needs support for an account or device issue, please contact the Technology Service Desk:
📋 Documents
📒 Student Technology Policies